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Building on our well known and hugely popular flagship Urgent Care in Long Beach, Dr. Kash Nair and his staff are thrilled to welcome you to our new location for Nair Urgent Care in Los Angeles in collaboration with IVLA.

Nair Urgent Care in Downtown Los Angeles

Welcome to Nair Urgent Care - Los Angeles!

Emerging from the bustling heart of Los Angeles, Nair Urgent Care proudly opens its second location, riding on the legacy of our flagship facility in Long Beach. Since our inception in 2015, thousands have placed their trust in usβ€”and for good reason.

🌟 Why Choose Nair Urgent Care?
- πŸ† Trusted Expertise: With a history rooted in Long Beach's esteemed care facility, our name carries weight, trust, and unparalleled service.
- 🌐 Extensive Services: From minor injuries to sudden illnesses, our professionals are equipped to handle a myriad of urgent health needs. (Please note: We do not offer x-ray services.)
- πŸ’³ Flexible Payment: We embrace most PPO and HMO insurances. For those without, our self-pay rates are both competitive and transparent.
- 🦠 Swift COVID Testing: Get clarity faster with our one-hour PCR tests or opt for the 15-minute antigen test. Peace of mind is just minutes away!

In a city that never sleeps, your health doesn't take a backseat. Get the sleek, modern, and efficient care you deserve. Whether you're a long-time local or just passing through, Nair Urgent Care ensures that LA stays lively and healthy.
Experience care that's not just urgent, but also cool and stylish.

IV Drip Hydration Therapy At IVLA In Downtown Los Angeles

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The Benefits of Going to Nair Urgent Care

Choosing Nair Urgent Care isn’t just about medical attention; it’s about opting for an experience that prioritizes you. Since our inauguration in 2015, we’ve become synonymous with trusted care and efficient service. What sets us apart? First, our seasoned professionals bring to the table a combination of expertise and genuine concern. Secondly, we recognize the importance of time – hence, we offer swift COVID testing options, ensuring you can return to your life with minimal disruption. Furthermore, with flexible payment options, including acceptance of most PPO and HMO insurances, as well as competitive self-pay rates, your health doesn’t have to break the bank. Dive into a seamless blend of quality, convenience, and affordability – that’s the Nair Urgent Care advantage.

Preventing migraines and headaches

A migraine is more than just a bad headache; a neurological disorder causes it. Typically, it causes a throbbing, pulsing pain that is localized to certain parts of the head. Aura, a set of symptoms that might appear before, during, or after a migraine attack, can also accompany migraines. 3–5% of Americans endure chronic migraines, typically lasting 65 hours on average and occurring 15 or more days per month when untreated.

Weight Loss

IV treatment is created with a unique blend of vitamins, fluids, and lipotropics, that help your body break down fat naturally and help you burn calories faster. However, this therapy should not be relied on as a complete weight loss solution. The formula is most effective when used with your regular healthy eating and exercise habits that everyone should employ in their daily lives.

There are even more benefits to IV therapy that has yet to be discovered! That is why we love modern medicine and everything it can do to enhance our daily lives! Are you ready to discover the wonderful world of Los Angeles IV drip therapy? If so, then please reach out to IV LA today to schedule an appointment!

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Whether you are a long-time user of Los Angeles IV drip technology or are new to the practice, Dr. Kash Nair and his staff are thrilled to welcome you to IVLA.

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    Appointments can be made on our website! Better yet, we love our customers so much you can just come in and say hello at our downtown Los Angeles location! We can schedule you in person with a same day appointment for IV hydration, a vitamin boost or a rapid test!

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