Wish You Could Find the Fountain of Youth? IV Therapy Might Just Be The Next Best Thing!

In our youth, even the most horrible lethargy and headaches could be handled with just a cup of tea and a long shower. It seems that as we age this method doesn’t work as well. As we get older, it can be more and more difficult to effectively combat lethargy. If you have been searching for effective ways to fight off fatigue and lethargy, IVLA, a center that performs IV therapy in Los Angeles, is an excellent place to check out.

What Is IV Treatment?

If you are thinking about getting drip IV therapy in Los Angeles, you should know what exactly IV treatment entails. IV treatment is a type of therapy that delivers liquid into your veins. That is why it is formally called intravenous treatment. IV treatment is more commonly used in medical centers and hospitals to treat patients’ various illnesses. IV treatment can also be used to give your body the vitamins that it needs and make you feel re-energized.

How IV Treatment Works

IVLA provides range of different IVs in Los Angeles and you have the ability to select your treatment. IVLA offers “About Last Night”500 cubic centimeter drip, or what you can call the headache and lethargy cure.  The “About Last Night” drip is also available in 1-liter form.This drip contains electrolytes, Zofran, Toradol, Vitamin B12, and Magnesium to give your body a dual vitamin and energy boost. Zofran works to prevent nausea and vomiting. Sometimes the worst illnesses can include vomiting, so Zofran can help to combat this symptom. Toradol is an anti-inflammatory drug that works to decrease any pain or swelling typically found in severe headaches. When you overindulge, your body’s levels of Vitamin B12 tend to decrease. Vitamin B12 is important because it helps to restore your body with essential nutrients. When you overindulge, your body also gradually depletes its magnesium levels. If you start to feel withdrawal symptoms after drinking a little too heavily, that could be because you are lacking magnesium. That is why an IV drip containing magnesium is helpful for your body.

IVLA has Registered Nurses who are responsible for administering IV drip in Los Angeles. The drip is administered into your body and ultimately functions to improve your mood and make you feel revitalized. Helen Marangos, R.N. is the Lead Nurse at IVLA and she has extensive knowledge in nutrition and wellness. Dr. Kash Nair, M.D. is the founder and director of IVLA and his specialty is in IV therapy in Los Angeles.

Benefits of IV Drips

If you are looking into IV therapy in Los Angeles, there are a number of benefits of IV treatment for curing fatigue or lethargy that you should know. IV treatment works to target fatigue quickly and efficiently through your bloodstream. As we mentioned earlier, IV drip provides you with nutrients that are important for your overall health. People who have done IV therapy have reported feeling rejuvenated after leaving their appointment and even felt well days and weeks after treatment.